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This is How Your Country Club Can Save on Their Energy Bill This Summer

When you’re running a country club, your image is everything. Of course, if you can find ways to cut costs without sacrificing your image, you can almost certainly find ways to put that money to better use. One of the biggest ways you can do this is by upgrading your lighting. Keep reading to learn how.

Why Have Country Clubs Avoided LED Lights?

There’s no question that LED lighting provides huge savings. ENERGY STAR rated LED bulbs use at least 75 percent less energy and last 25 times longer than traditional bulbs. Still, country clubs have avoided using LED bulbs because of worries over the image they create.

When most people think of LED bulbs, they think of hospitals and big-box retail stores — places with bright, white, overwhelming lighting. This is obviously not the type of ambiance you want to create. However, this perception is based on early LED bulb technology and ignores the advances that have been made.

What Can You Do With LED Lights Today

Today’s LED bulbs give as many and often more options compared to other types of light bulbs. Their flexibility comes from three key differences.

  • Their light source is actually a mix of tiny red, green, and blue lights versus a single white light. This allows them to create colors across the spectrum.
  • All LED lights emit light in a specific direction allowing you to either pinpoint your lighting or use reflectors to spread it over a wide area.
  • LEDs emit less heat. This means that they waste less energy creating light and that they add less to your cooling costs.

These options allow you to strategically place your lighting across rooms, hallways, and even specific pieces of furniture. LED lights also integrate well with electronic controls allowing you to easily adjust the dimming and even coloring to change the mood for specific events or time of day.

Other Ways to Save on Your Energy Bill

While lighting upgrades and other energy efficiency improvements can help you save on your energy bill, it’s also important to make sure you have the right energy rate. You have the right to choose the best energy supplier for you, and this may not be your big name local electric company.

Each energy supplier has different rate structures and plans. For example, a provider might offer discounted rates on evenings and weekends when energy demand falls overall. If this is when you’re busiest, you could see large savings by switching to this type of off-peak rate plan.

In addition, you may be able to find savings by entering into a long-term contract. Like any other competitive marketplace, energy suppliers will often offer discounts or concessions in exchange for your commitment to continue to do business with them.

RK Energy Group works with local energy providers across the company and can help you find the best rate plan for you. We know what energy providers are currently offering, which saves you hours of research and phone calls as well as the risk of not finding a deal. We’ll also help you negotiate your contract and understand if you’re getting a good deal.


  • Modern LED lighting isn’t just for hospitals. It can create a real ambiance with options to change lighting levels, color, and directions.
  • LED lights also provide cost savings and longevity.
  • You can also save on your energy bill by choosing the right energy provider and negotiating your rate plan. Each provider has different options, so it’s important to find the one that best matches your needs.
  • RK Energy Group can help you find the right solution.

To learn more about LED lighting, other energy-efficiency upgrades, or finding the best rate plan for you, contact RK Energy Group today.